TS-3050CP1 Servo Motor Rotation Medical Tube 4 Colors Pad Printing
  1. Portal-type frame and aluminum body stably.
  2. MITSUBISHI PLC and WEINVIEW touch panel for operating easily.
  3. Servo motor and HIWIN liner guide drive pad front-back with precise color registration.
  4. Closed ink cup load system for low smell and save ink.
  5. Pad updown and ink cup front-back independent adjust speed.
  6. Adopt AirTAC cylinder and electronic parts to make sure machine quality.
  7. Can be chosen automatic pad cleaning system for better printing quality.
Model TS-3050CP1
Print Accuracy +/- 0.08mm
Ink Cup Size ∅90 x 82 x 12mm
Steel Plate Size 100 x 250 x 0.5mm
Ink Cup Stroke 150mm
Pad Stroke 80mm
Max Printing Speed 800pcs/hr
Air Pressure Without
Rated Voltage 220V 50Hz
Dimension (LxWxH) 1100 x 1000 x 1680mm
Weight 300kg (Approx)