TP-200SC1 Washing Panel Pad Printing Machine
  1. 1-color automatic medical metal caps pad printer.
  2. Micro computer control each function of pad printer for easy operation.
  3. High quality aliuminum alloy is used to make machine body, structure solid.
  4. Convenient ink cup system for easy to add ink and low smell, echo-friendly.
  5. Duration time is adjustable to meet different requirement.
  6. Auto cap feeding and positioning.
  7. Auto corona treatment to surface of the cap before printing for plastic cap PP or PE for option.
  8. Auto caps drying and unloading after printing.
Model TP-200SC1
Printing Color 1
Cliché/Steel Plate 90 x 500mm
Air Pressure 6 bar
Max Printing Speed 12000pcs/hr
Rated Voltage 220V 50Hz
Dimension (LxWxH) 1020 x 2420 x 2100mm
Weight 500kg