TP-450B2 Two Color PVC Balls Pad Printing Machine
  1. Decoration of PVC toy balls over 360° with different size, max diamaeter 250 mm.
  2. Both half of balls are printed sequentially by different print heads.
  3. Printing speed depends on a lot of parameters and are to be considered as an indication. This output refers to the largest ball format.
  4. Cool air drying to improve output.
  5. Auto 180-degree rotation.
  6. PLC control, touch screen interface.
  7. Indexing table, stations 12.
  8. Auto ink tray in/out, pad up/down.
Model TB-450B2
Operation PLC touch control
Cliché/Steel Plate 450x450x0.5mm
Max Diameter ∅250mm
Print Speed around 500 pc/hr
Print Color 1 or 2
Air Pressure 6-7 bar
Dimension 3700x2350x2400mm
Weight 1000kgs