TP-200LG6 Automatic 6 color Lego Toys Pad Printing Machine
  1. Multicolor automatic pad printer for lego toy.
  2. PLC + touch screen panel.
  3. Sealed ink cup system for save ink and low smell.
  4. Auto vibration feeding bowl.
  5. Auto loading lego on machine.
  6. With auto rotating function for back side color print.
  7. High printing precision for good quality and high printing speed requirement.
  8. Auto dry system and auto unloading system.
Model TP-200LG6
Ink Loading System Sealed ink cup
Printing Color 6
Ink Cap Size 100mm
Printing Speed 10000pcs/hr
Air Pressure 6 bar
Rated Voltage 200V 50Hz
Operation Pneumatic
Dimension (Lxwxh) 1600 x 850 x 1500mm (approx)
Weight 3820kg (approx)