PZD-103A Automatic Single Color Screen Printer
  • Color LCD Touch Screen PLC
  • Motor Driven Captain Wheel
  • Wheel Speed Adjustable
  • Automatic Feeder Located At Top
  • Feeder With Sensor Controlling number of capsTransported.
  • Caps Transport To The Machine Through Special Made Rail
  • Equipped With Automatic Loading System
  • High Speed Pneumatic Screen Printer
  • Built-in Flame pre-treatment Device With Electronics Ignition System
  • Built-in UV or IR Drying Oven (Option)
  • Auto-unload Device
  • Output Device With Motor Drive Conveyor
  • Faulty Warning System
  • CE Conformity Standard
Model No. PZD-103A
Control PLC with Color Touch Screen
Loader 0.5Hp Motor Drive with Conveyor
Feeder 0.5Hp Motor Drive Rotary Basin with Sensor
Loading System Pneumatic with Sensor Monitored
Main Wheel 1 Hp Motor Drive
Screen Printer Pneumatic System
Printing Area Diameter : Ø5mm – 60mm ; Height : 25 – 200mm
Speed 4200pcs/hr
UV Dryer 3000 Watt/150mm Tube Length
IR Dryer 10KW Infra-Red Type
Compressed Air 0.6 – 0.8MPa
LPG 0.15MPa
Dimension (LxWxH) 2800 x 2600 x 2900mm