PZD-105 Single / Multi-Color Bottle / Tube Printing Machine

This is a simple machine with various optional devices for different applications such as 3 color glass bottle printing, PE tube printing and PE tube printing plus hot stamping. The machine is equipped with automatic index system to search for the registration mark. In case, there is no registration mark on the substrate, the registration can be made by calculation in which find out the exact location of 2nd color station. It is completely easy and convenient for the operator.

In the glass bottle printing status, the machine equipped with hot screen to melt the solid glass printing ink. In the PE / PP tube printing status, the machine will be installed with UV curving system to dry the UV Ink. In the status of PE / PP printing status, the machine can be equipped with flame treatment system for pre-printing process. The machine under both status installed with auto-loading and auto-unloading.

AC Step motor is used in the printing station movement system with PLC touch screen control. This machine for is 3 color printing. The user may also have an option to use 4 color or more within this system.

User may consider why paying extremely expensive machine costs for multi-color printing. PZD-105 is your best solution for entering into automatic multi-color printing system but paying much less than other automatic machine..

Model No. PZD-105
Printing Speed 700 pcs. per hour
Printing Size Ø 30 – 60mm; Length : 200mm 
Compress Air Requirement 0.6MPA
LP GAS (For Flame Treatment) 0.15MPA
UV Power (For UV Curving System 120W / cm²
Power 3KW 220V / 50Hz
Dimension  2300 x 950 x 1650mm