PZD-102A Multi-Color Automatic UV/LED UV Bottle Printer
  • Motor Driven Mechanical type automatic screen printer with simple and high speed printing process.
  • Equipped with flame treatment, mechanical auto-registration, UV curing and automatic unload system.
  • It can be formed from single color to seven color printing line as per requirement.
Model PZD- 102A
Printing Speed  Round 4000pcs/hr   Oval 5000pcs/hr
Printing Size Round Diameter Ø20 - 100mm  Length 25 - 300mm
Oval Width 25 - 120mm  Length 20 - 300mm
Compressed Air 0.6MPa
LPG 0.15MPa
Machine Size Main/Aux 1908 x 1000 x 1500mm
Unit Power Voltage 380VAC, 3-Phase, 50Hz
UV Machine power  5KW Per Station
Motor Power  1.5KW Per Station