PS-3050F-LUV Flat Surface Screen Printer Connected With UV Oven
  • Airtac Cylinder Driven Screen Up/Down
  • Horizontal movement of squeegee applied linear bearings and step motor
  • Worktable position be adjusted left / right, fore / back and angle
  • Applied Airtac pneumatics components
  • Squeegee head lift up function. Squeegee / Flood blade angle adjustable
  • Screen Arm installed with double sliding board and linear bearings.
  • Robot Arm movement driven by step motor with linear bearings applied.
  • Pneumatics clips are used for unloading printed sheet and loaded onto the UV dryer conveyor
  • Mitsubishi PLC + Wenview Color Tourch Screen control
  • 5KW high power UV tube for curing and Telfon conveyor belt applied.
  • UV Conveyor speed adjustable
Model No. PS-3050F-LUV
Screen Distance 150mm
Table Size 400mm x 600mm
Max Printing Height 50mm
Max Printing Area 300 x 500mm
Max Screen Size 450mm x 750mm
Max Printing Speed 600-1000pcs/hr
Voltage Requirement 380v
Pressure Requirement 6bar
Dimensions 2900 x 1000 x 1700mm
Weight 330kg Approx
Net weight 500kg