PP-8130-CP Single Color Pad Printing Machine with 130mm Ink cup
  • Color Touch Screen control system
  • Easy Operate programs
  • Full pneumatics system
  • Easy mounting & dismounting sealed ink cup system
  • Larger ink cup size (Ø120mm,135mm 140mm ) can be applied upon change of steel plate base and steel plate
  • Thin steel plate or polymer plate applicable.
  • Strong pressing pressure
  • Guarded foot paddle
  • Anodized aluminum parts
  • Strong diecast body structure
  • Side protection door for EU model
Model No. PP-8130-CP
Ink Cup Diameter  Ø130mm (Standard)
Ø120mm (Optional)
Ø135mm (Optional)
Ø140mm (Optional)
Steel Plate size  350mm x 100mm (Standard)
350mm x 130mm (Optional)
350mm x 150mm (Optional)
Printing area 125 x 170mm (Standard)
Max. speed 12-22 cycles per min.
Power voltage 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Weight 380KG Approximately