PCNC-4-80-SR Automatic Rotary Table Four Color UV LED Servo Screen Printer
Full Servo Screen Station
Flame Treatment
Auto Load & Unload Mechanism
Jig For Flat Bottle
Servo Driven 4 Axles Screen Station
Laser Sensor Registration
Model No. PCNC-4-80-SR
Control PLC + Color Touch Screen
Internet Link Built-in Internet Connection for remote monitor and error correction. 
Total Screen Print Station 4 stations of servo screen printer
Screen Printing Area Ø20~120mm x 20~175mm
Squeegee / Flood Blade By Pneumatics
Maximum Printing Speed 38 pieces/minute at Diameter 80mm
CAM Indexing Device 16 Stations
Indexing Device Motor AC 4KW
Jig Servo Motor 150W x 16 sets
LED UV Power 1.5KW per station, 3 stations total 4.5KW
LED Cooling System Water Cooling, total 2.4KW
Mercury UV Curing 1 Station, 5KW (Optional)
Total Power Consumption 15.8 KW
Power Requirement 380V 50Hz, 3 phases
Dimension 2500 x 3200 x 2200mm 
Packing Size 2600 x 3400 x 2400mm
Weight Approximately 2200kg
  • Color Touch Screen and PLC control
  • All functions can be set in the PLC including machine speed, registration, screen print station parameter & UV parameter settings.
  • Rotary table design built with 4 stations screen printer, 4 LED UV curing stations
  • Applied high precision 16 stations CAM Indexing device driven by inverting AC motor
  • Speed controlled by inverter
  • Loading Conveyor allows operator put the substrates onto the conveyor
  • Pneumatics loading device load the substrate to the machine
  • Built with anti-static dust removal device
  • 2 Heads Flame Treatment before printing
  • Laser sensor registration device supply data to servo motor for registration
  • 16 Stations all driven by servo motor
  • All Servo Printing Station Movement are synchronized by motion controller
  • Screen station settings left/right stroke, up / down movement, printing height can be controlled through PLC parameter input except fine adjustment of screen position.
  • Print Parameter such as printing diameter, movement stroke can be controlled through touch screen input.
  • Each color station follows with a LED UV curing device for immediate UV ink curing
  • Low power consumption of LED UV and with low heat release
  • Optional : The final station applied traditional mercury UV system for strong power curing.
  • Whole machine controlled by PLC and Touch Screen
  • Built with automatic unloading device linked with an unloading conveyor.
  • Adoptable container from diameter 20 ~ 120mm and height 20~175mm